Military Driver Training Center Can Solve Truck Driver Shortages

Military Driver Training Center Can Solve Truck Driver Shortages

We know that we have a shortage of drivers in the commercial sector who have the right qualifications.  We also have many men and women from the military looking for work.  Giving job opportunities to those military families after leaving the service is beneficial all around.   The opportunity to provide military personnel with civilian qualifications can help the economy. This is just one example of how to help military personnel transition back to civilian life by ensuring that they right training and education.  These highly trained individuals are then able to perform their job in the military and also in the civilian workforce.

The PTDI, Professional Truck Driving Institute, granted a certification to a military facility at Dobbins Air Reserve Base, recognizing the training provided at this military base. The certification means that military personnel who go through training will receive a certification that is recognized in the civilian job market.  This gives military personnel the tools they need to move forward, which will make getting a job easier than without the qualification.

This is important because often the transition back to civilian life after a service career is difficult.  Often ex-military personnel have high unemployment, but this new certification will now bridge the gap between military qualifications and civilian and help reduce the shortage of qualified drivers in the commercial sector.

The military drivers are given an in depth course where they learn all the basic skills they need to drive commercial vehicles.  They even have access to a simulator that allows these potential drivers to have experience and practice before getting behind the wheel of a commercial sized vehicle. Much of the training provided is accessed through online training materials, making this course easy to teach but doesn’t replace the 60 hours of individual training they receive behind the wheel of a truck.

Don’t think they get away without rigorous testing.  They all have to pass a test before being issued with a certification which recognizes their achievements both inside and outside the military.

Therefore, this certification from the PTDI is an important step forward for personnel after their military career ends.  It can also help resolve the issue of driver shortages to help the moving industry.  As a moving business, you should consider hiring drivers from a military background.