AMSA Annual Conference Hailed A Success

AMSA Annual Conference Hailed A Success

Over 600 people attended AMSA’s annual conference, held in Orlando this year, representing parts of the moving industry from across America. Each year there are speakers who address the AMSA members, including companies that want to show off their products and services.  However, the most important aspect for the members is the award ceremonies.

Demonstrations took place for how to wrap a truck, not with paper, but with specialty vehicle wrapping that allows businesses to advertise easily and relatively cheaply, too. There were over 100 businesses there, demonstrating and showing their products to the AMSA members who attended the conference in Orlando.

Inspirational speakers addressed the audience in an effort to inspire them to do more. The keynote speaker, the adventurer Joby Ogwyn, talked about reaching new heights as individuals, but this can be applied to businesses too. It is about reaching new heights for your company by exploring your business potential.

Congressman John Mica talked about the highway bill and how that will affect businesses in the future.  Jack Van Steenburg from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration discussed their plans for the coming year.

The best news of the conference was the graduation of 23 students in the Leaders Program.  This is the biggest group of graduates, which has gone through this program in a long time. These students spent 20 weeks, not only learning about how to become great leaders, but also how they could create future visions for their company.   They learned how they would be able to take what they have learned about themselves and apply it to a business setting.

The AMSA conference was a great success.  The advice from those who attended was to mark next year’s conference in your calendar, March 20 -23rd in New Orleans. You won’t be disappointed and you will have the chance to make new contacts in your business sector.