Protect Your Identity When You Move

Protect Your Identity When You Move

As moving business owners, it is important to help protect your client’s interests.  You can do this by providing information on how to protect protect themselves from identity theft. It is not something you might naturally think of when moving, but it is extremely important that you protect your identity. Moving is a vulnerable time, but letting your guard slip could lead to your identity ending up in the wrong hands.

Moving means clearing out junk that you have accumulated over time because this can reduce the costs you pay for moving services. It is important that if you are considering getting rid of paperwork, do it carefully and destroy any data by shredding it because it could be used against you in the case of identity fraud.

Ensure that you have redirected your mail and cancelled any subscriptions that you currently have arriving at your old home. You don’t want items turning up that could give private information about yourself.

You might think your are safe by just throwing away these detailed documents, but dumpster diving to obtain personal information is growing and so is identity theft.

A great tip is to check your credit report approximately 3 months after moving to your new home.  Check if there are any references to items that you don’t recognize. Inform the credit agency immediately and they will place a fraud alert on your file.  Then you have the task of straightening out your credit file.

Protecting your identity and sensitive paperwork, which might be old and out of date, is important. It could save you from having your identity used fraudulently and causing many problems for you in the future.

It is important that when you move that you carefully consider how you are transporting important paperwork to your new home.  Is is safe in a locked filing cabinet on the moving truck, or with you in your car, or left at a trusted friends or relative until you have settled in?  Give this advice to your moving business customers and they will trust you with the move.