How to Handle Damages with Cash or Repair

How to Handle Damages with Cash or Repair

As a moving business, it is important to accept that inevitably an accident will happen with an item of furniture where it gets damaged.  After all, your services requires customers’ items to move from one location to the next, which has risk. The question that you must ask is do you pay the customer for the damaged item, or, do you find out first if the item of furniture is repairable?

This question has many different considerations on multiple levels, the customer might prefer the extra money straight after a move.  Moving is a difficult time for many financially and they may welcome the extra money.

However, this tactic means that the customer may still not repair the damaged piece of furniture and they may live the damage for a while.  As a result, the furniture sits as a constant reminder of the move and it could influence their decision in future, if they move again.  Not to mention if the furniture is seen by other, it may influence their choice of a moving company.

Paying for a repair of an item that meets the customer’s satisfaction could be the best option. However, there are problems with the idea of repair.  Often furniture isn’t of the highest quality.  We don’t buy solid items of furniture any more because they are not made as well.  This trend developed from the throwaway society in which we live. This can make repairing an item more difficult, if not impossible. However, it might not be an option that you push to the side.

So, should you just send the customer a cash payout instead and avoid the trouble?  You may end up hurting other businesses because there are some people who would put a claim in for another moving company for damage just to get the money.  A cash claim should accompany the removal of the item of furniture from the customer’s possession. This stops fraudulent activity from happening.

Therefore, before you jump at a cash payout for damaged customer goods because it is an easy option, consider all the other avenues first.