How to Inform Customers on Insurance Before the Move

How to Inform Customers on Insurance Before the Move

Ensuring that a client has chosen the correct insurance is important to help minimize the costs to them if something does happen to their belongings. It can’t prevent the loss of personal possessions, but it can offer compensation to ensure the customer is reimbursed for the loss or damage of their property.

As a moving company, having connections with insurance businesses that you work with on a regular basis is important.  They will know how you work, and they might even be able to offer a reduction in the price to your new potential client.

However, it is important that the client understands the importance for having adequate insurance that will cover their possessions. It is not easy to work out the value of your home, but it is important for a sales team to point out the necessity to get the details and the values right. It could mean the difference of getting the right amount of money for the lost or damaged goods, or the refusal of the insurance claim.

As a moving business you will need to build relationships with good insurance companies.  If there is ever a problem and a client needs more help and support, you can help the process if you have an established a connection with a member of the team.  You can put your opinion across and hopefully getting a claim settled for your customer.

It is important that you understand some of the technical terms so you can help you clients understand. You want to make sure that you are giving the right definition and information to a potential client.

Some moving companies have insurance products available, often on a commissioned based.  It is not essential that potential clients take out this insurance option. Advising the client to look at their options is important if you want them to feel comfortable with the decision they make.

Therefore, it is important that you encourage potential clients to make sure they insure their possessions during their move.