IAM Survey Results For 2014

IAM Survey Results For 2014

It is important for moving companies to see an overall picture of the industry to find out as a whole how it is progressing. It can highlight the areas that might be seeing a reduction in growth or, alternatively, improvement each year. A survey of the moving industry is offered to all members of the IAM and the results play an important factor in seeing if businesses are moving forward after a few difficult years.

Each year the survey asks the same questions.  The responses give the information about how the moving sector is performing by collating the information together. What is interesting is that, from the 170 responses from the 2014 survey, around 85% thought 2014 was a successful business year. This is positive until you measure it against the previous year’s responses, where 90% of respondents thought 2013 was a successful year.

This shows that while 2014 was a good year for moving companies across America, it was about 5% worse than the previous year’s results. This does suggest that while 2014 was a great year for many businesses, the previous year was better for more.

What is interesting here is the fact that in 2013 the success of the business was measured by the customer satisfaction. This year’s survey for 2014 was measured by the profit of the business. This could indicate that while the rate might have dropped this year, it could be a better reflection of the actual stability of the moving industry.  They have considered profit to be the most important factor of assessing the success of the year.

The survey also showed that moving businesses are participating or moving towards the logistic side of the industry, which demonstrates the importance of this area of business for the future.

Therefore, the survey the IAM offers its members is important, it allows the data from the whole of this group to be collected and analyzed as a group, to see the potential growth of the industry.