A Drop in Customer Complaints for Moving Businesses

A Drop in Customer Complaints for Moving Businesses

It is fantastic news that the amount of complaints by consumers towards moving companies has dropped. The figures, according to the National Consumer Complaint Database, run by the FMCSA, have noted that the complaint figures for 2014 dropped significantly compared to 2013.

This highlights the importance of the work being carried out by the FMCSA and other organizations including the AMSA.  Their effort to increase the number of businesses which are involved with the ProMover certification program is part of their contribution.

It is important to teach consumers the importance of choosing a reliable and high quality moving company. This ensures that they are choosing a professional that ensures that their staff are highly trained in the process of packing and moving the customer’s goods with care.

There is still some work to do and this is why the AMSA is encouraging moving companies to become certified ProMovers.  It does mean that they have to follow strict guidelines which are enforced under the ProMover certification.

Those states that continue to have the most complaints against them are Florida, California, New Jersey, New York and Texas, yet they all still saw a drop in the number of complaints, according to the Consumer Complaint Database. What is important is the amount of reduction that even these states have shown.  It proves that the message to choose companies who offer a great service are beating those rogue movers who are trying to con the consumer. This movers either don’t offer adequate staff training, insurance, or who are just trying to make the most money from each customer, by inflating pricing and holding possessions hostage until payment is received.

Having reputable businesses who want to provide the best service possible is the goal of the ProMover certification.  Your business can demonstrate this by enrolling as a ProMover showing the consumer your determination to be the best you can.

It is important to continue educating the consumer in choosing the right companies for a potential move.