Arpin Encourages Other to Reduce Carbon Footprint

Arpin Encourages Others to Reduce Carbon Footprint

Arpin Group have been awarded for their forward thinking and their approach to being green.  Their approaches not only can help reduce their own carbon footprint, but also stop items from going into landfills that can be reused or recycled.

This determination to look at options for reducing their own carbon footprint is inspiring to others. They have taken the typical ideas of going green and developed these for their own use to help promote the possibility of reducing the carbon footprint of others in the future.  Some of the developments they are looking at are unique and some are familiar.

These include the option for using solar panels on trucks to try to reduce the amount of fuel they use and the amount of pollutants released into the atmosphere.

The headquarters of the Aprin group has seen some changes in the design to incorporate a number of green measures. It is important to realize that while some initial investment is needed to implement green changes, this is recouped in the savings the business makes.  This includes a reduction in a few of the utilities which the business uses.

Not only has the Aprin Group looked at their own carbon footprint, but they have put together plans to help their employees to reduce their own carbon footprint. They have introduced a scheme where employees can have access to green loans to implement their own energy saving home improvements or to purchase hybrid cars in which to travel.

They have even hosted some events where they have helped to save electronics from going into the landfills.  They amassed an amazing amount of items – 92,000 pounds in weight of electronics. This is a fantastic way to do more for the environment than just thinking about their own footprint.

These are just some of the reason why they won the 2015 Clean Energy Future Award.