AMSA Pushes ProMover Certification During National Moving Month

AMSA Pushes ProMover Certification During National Moving Month

It is important to teach the public about the need to hire professional movers who have the skill, training and expertise to complete the job to a high standard.

May was the National Moving Month, and AMSA wanted to reach as many people as possible.  This is just one of the reasons that the AMSA publicized on Google, with the aim of attracting new visitors to the revamped website

Not only will people be able to search for information about moving in general on the site, but they will also be able to search for companies that have the ProMover certification.  These companies follow strict guidelines when running their business.

The idea of publicizing and highlighting the importance of seeking a certified mover helps to prevent a customer hiring an unlicensed or uninsured business to move their home.  If they do, they run the risk of losing their possessions and could possibly pay an inflated price before the possessions are returned.

It is key for moving companies to look at the benefits of becoming a ProMover.  Not only does it protect the customer, but it also shows that you are proud to run your business and follow guidelines which ensure the best practices in dealing with the customer and their possessions.

AMSA undertook activities in various locations including Texas to highlight and promote the ProMover logo.  At these events, they also wanted to ensure that consumers are aware of what their responsibility is when it comes to choosing a moving company.

Don’t forget that ProMover information is available on social media.  There you can join in with debates on different topics, including promoting and encouraging people to visit the revamped website, with a wealth of information.

Therefore, if you are looking for a moving company, then it is key to the success of your move that you hire a company that is qualified to proceed.