Tips for buying cheap but quality moving equipment and supplies

Tips for buying cheap but quality moving equipment and supplies

A great rule of thumb, to always follow is never to skimp on quality for pricing. Some of the worst places you can purchase moving equipment Harbor Freight and Wal-Mart type stores, their moving equipment may be cheap, but you get what you pay for. The best brands of dollies are Magliners, Harper and Escort. Avoid plastic dollies at all costs and stick with aluminum.

Most of the moving pads in the industry are standard in quality; however moving pads can get fairly expensive. A Wal-Mart, Harbor Freight and any other local stores would be perfect for purchasing moving pads, not only will they be cheaper, but they will be of the same quality.

Avoiding wooden four wheelers is crucial. The longevity of wooden four wheelers to hard plastic four wheelers is incomparable, with hard plastic raining tried and true. Some great four wheeler brands are Raymond, New Haven, Escort and Harper.

The prices of moving supplies such as packing paper and boxes can add up quick. After research regarding the best price and quality of service and products, Victory Packing Company has the best going rates and customer service. Other great moving supply companies are Uhaul, Budget, ULine and Van Lines.

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