Branding & Expanding Your Moving Business with Professional SEO

Branding & Expanding Your Moving Business with Professional SEO

If you have a moving business then you’re probably focusing on local clients to get your business, as those are the best type of clientele to service – keeping down costs and efficiency with great time returns. If you have ever wanted to make a big impact online and get local clients searching for a moving company online, you need to focus on two key elements:

• Branding your company within your niche.
• Expanding your business through online search.

Let’s look at the two parts individually.

Branding your company within your industry

The first thing you can do is work on different social media platforms online to create visibility for your brand. Here are the major platforms you can utilize to create awareness of your brand:

• A Facebook business page – Generally, if you place a keyword next to your business name on a Facebook page, you will get ranked in the search engines for that keyword, leveraging the power in the search engine of the Facebook domain. What you need done here is a professional Facebook page design and proper keyword research.

• Twitter – A moving company’s campaign may work on Twitter if he feeds tutorials from his blog to their account. People may appreciate the advise in preparing (for instance) for the move and hire your company to do it. A keyword would also work here to rank in search engines, leveraging the power of their url. And finally, you could keep tabs on chatter about people moving or wanting to move, filter out the noise and get in touch with clients as they talk.

• Google+ business pages – It has become essential for any company to have a business page on Google+. It gets connected to your Google search activity, Google+ connections (like Circles etc). It won’t be long before one can search within your network for buzzwords and keywords to search for customers. To expand your brand among local clients, it may be wise to advertise your page on local and offline branding methods.

• Youtube – This platform (also owned by Google), is a great platform to produce a viral video of perhaps a laurel and hardy-type performance to show what you DON’T want from a moving company and then pitchy yourselves as the solution. IF you can use the weight of their internal search engine and title your (potentially) viral video accordingly, you may even make a couple clients locally.

• You may also want to brand your moving company and connect with professionals in related businesses for directed business. Also place your company on a LinkedIn business page and brand your company as a solution to moving businesses etc.

The above ‘solutions’ and tricks are very powerful tools to utilize, but you need to have someone do it that have experience on all those platforms. Thus, it is best top hire a professional company that handles SEO on a daily basis to set up your accounts on these platforms, optimize them for search engines and manage your connections and social media on them

Expanding your business with professional SEO

Generally there 2 kinds of searches: global and local. But, targeting a keyword within your niche is sufficient, as local people would also receive the results. So there’s no need for you to target the keywords ‘Moving + Business + your local area’. To do this properly, it’s best to get a professional SEO company to handle this on your behalf.

Here are a couple things your SEO company can do for you to expand your business through professional SEO services.

• Booking a Google places page. This is optimized with keywords, so when someone types in ‘Moving Company’, and you’re close, Google will show them where you are situated.
• The above function is also available on many of the other search engines.
• Marketing your business with a mobile site.
• Other social network or directories to be listed in are: Yelp, Foursquare etc.
• Your business could me marketed, vie your website, through wi-fi sms promotions.

Every one of those platforms are geared toward building an online presence that will greatly expand your business and drive more sales for you. Find out from your prospective SEO consultant which of those they could help you with today.

Other quick ways of promoting your business online would be:

• Helping out in forums. Your forums signature will have your keyword in and a link to your moving website.
• Writing helpful articles on sites in industries that are related to moving, like packaging and boxing. IT would give yo7u greater exposure and build links online. If you can’t write, don’t worry, your SEO consultant can do that for you.
• Press releases – these could also be used for search engine results online to promote your moving company growing, moving to another premises or address, a promotion locally or online etc.

There are literally thousands of ways to brand your business through social networking and expanding your business growth and sales by utilizing the local web. Find out from your SEO advisor how they can assist you with that.

Author Bio: Immaculate Ghomes works as an SEO consultant and seasonal writer at SEO Peace (a renowned SEO company) since 2004, and has helped hundreds of websites to reach top 10 in SERPs by ethical SEO services. Immaculate also manages various blog writing services, contributes as guest blogger on different blogging sites and handles social media and networking channels for SEO Peace. You can follow her at twitter @seopeace