Social Media tips for your Business

Using Social Media for your Business

Social media has aided many different types of companies, including the moving industry, become more customer-centric. It is used as a modest and effective marketing tool.  Social media is about the people, it is one dimension of the business world. With social media at a rise, you should look at the way that people are interacting with the digital world. By doing this, apply the knowledge to a variety of business processes.

Don’t forget, people do business with people, not with companies. One notion to consider, is the fact that to become a social media business you must understand that your employees will be the front and center of you digital appearance. This means that your employees must become digital citizens. Recognize that a social business means that you need to provide training to help them manage their digital reputation. For example, IBM not only trains its employees extensively, but it is now building a personal dashboard to help the employees see the impact of their digital interactions. A good conversion rate will create a good outcome; this in turn will bring more value to the individual, as well as the company they work for.

A lot of the same tools and processes that are used to create a social business can be used for social good. For example, when IBM tested this, they asked every employee to take a full day and dedicate it to skill-based service. They called it the Centennial Celebration of Service. Though this is a big example, you now have the permission and guidance to match IBM, and get started with the social business experiment.

Let’s face it; the chain of random emails sent out to your employees is useless.  Most companies try to rely on the chain of emails as their primary tactic to share information among its employee’s, but it simply doesn’t work. Instead it seems to wreak havoc on the employees, causing unneeded stress and anxiety. Instead, try to explore other digital work tools beyond emails, or perhaps enabling a geographically disperse team to do un-micromanaged work together.

Every business fails and makes mistakes; just try to do it quickly. Not every social business is innovative, so it is important to try a lot of different approaches, and move on as fast as possible if one does not work. The first step in business management is to always admit to a mistake, because it allows you to be proactive in taking steps to avoid it.

Social media will eventually replace socially business. And in the long and short of it, with technology at its best and at our immediate disposal, exploring new and innovative social media techniques can make a large impact on your company in the long run.