How to Install a Washer and Dryer

Washer Installation

  1. Connect the red colored hose to the back of the washer, red stands for hot.
  2. Connect the blue colored hose to the back of the washer, blue stands for cold.
  3. Used a pair of channel locks or pliers to tighten the hoses, but not too tight because it can cause the threads to break.
  4. Connect the hot and cold hoses to the hot and cold pipes.
  5. Use a pair of channel locks to tighten on the pipes, again not too tight.
  6. Turn on both the hot and cold by turning the dials to the left to allow the water to go through.
  7. Place the drain line into the drain pipe.
  8. Plug in the washing machine into the 3 prong outlet.

Dryer Installation

  1. Wire the power cable to the dryer. Look for instructions, if any, listed on the back of the drier.
  2. Attach the cover plate, and screw it down to secure it.
  3. To connect the drier pipe, loosely attach a tie wrap around the end of the vent.
  4. Attach the pipe onto the vent on the back of your dryer about an inch down
  5. Pull to tighten your tie.
  6. Plug the dryer into the power outlet.