Quick Tip: Notifying Movers of their Work Schedule

The key to effective notification is to post the arrival times in one location and require your movers to check that location every night. Trying to notify each person individually is a time waster once your company grows. There are a few ways to go about this.

Voicemail — The simplest ways to handle this task is to setup a voicemail box/answering machine, either in your existing phone system or from an online VOIP service. Have your operations guy call in and set the message to read something like “This message is for [DATE] the following people are due in by [TIME], [List People].” Then tell your movers to call that every night to check their schedule. This is the safest way as almost everyone has access to a phone so this is your best bet.

Email – Sending a mass email containing the arrival times for everyone is another way to get the word out. However not everyone has email access. So this might be a problem, also spam filters or other issues could prevent the message from being received.

Intranet – If your company is tech savvy then setting up a company intranet is a good solution. More and more people are using web-enabled phones and would be able to check the schedule online. Having a secure company internal web site would be ideal. However this will require either software to post the schedule or someone to maintain the intranet.