How to take apart a Baby Grand Piano

How to take apart a Baby Grand Piano

First, remove the lid from the top of the piano. To do this, unscrew each of the pianos hinges from the main body. Leave the hinges attached on the lid, as this will make the reassembly easier. Cover the lid with moving pads and take around it to secure.

Second, Slide the music stand forward from the front of the piano and remove it from the piano. Wrap safely in a furniture pad and tape it to secure it.

Third, tip the piano safely and slowly onto its left side. Do this on a soft carpet or lie down several moving pads.

Fourth, Using a rubber mallet, knock the securing pieces of wood that hold the legs to loosen them. Once all the legs are removed, wrap and secure with tape and pads.

Fifth, lift the piano on top of a piano board and cover with several pads (be sure not to put tape on any of the wood surfaces). Tape and secure the pads, then take two straps and cross them in an X formation and lock them into the e-track openings. Tighten them down and you’re ready for transport.