Protecting your carpets and floors during your move

Protecting your carpets and floors during your move

The moving process has a lot of details to think about. Besides packaging, the move itself and its associated expenditures, you need to think about what seems like a trivial detail, protecting your floors and carpets. It may seem like a detail that is not important, but if you consider the repercussions, if you never do it you may pay dearly. Who wants to have a house that is filthy, with scratched floors and walls?

The solutions to these two concerns will take time and strategy with regards to execution and price, so have a look at our guidelines here. You can do the carpet protecting yourself or have moving experts do it for you. Find out how much it will cost to do it yourself, or to hire the experts.

How to Protect your Floors when Moving

One of the quick and effective ways to protect your floors is to place a doormat in front of every doorstep in your house, including in front of your rooms. By doing this, when the move begins, it will catch a majority of the dirt from shoes, like mud, sand or dust. If you have hardwood floors, you can protect them by using pads or pieces of carpet. This way you won’t leave scratches of dents on your floor.

Another option is to lay the wooden floors with paper. In order to do this you must tape the paper together to cover a larger area. Cover the paths that the furniture moving will cover. You can find this type of paper at hardware stores, wal-mart, etc…

You can also use plywood to protect your flooring when moving your appliances or electronics. For example, if you have a large double door refrigerator, washing machine, or freezer, you can use the wood to set the pieces down if need be and you wont run the risk of scratching your floors.

Professional movers have there own ways of padding and protecting your floors, doors and railings. They use a series of large rubber bands, furniture pads, floor runners, carpet mask and door jambs. Below are some examples of how your home is protected by professionals.

This is an example of how furniture pads

are used to cover the railing which are

secured by rubber bands. Carpet mask

covers the steps.

This is a door jamb, used to protect door trim.

This is an example of a floor runner.