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Angry MoverWorx Customer Review

“[It is] my fault I didn’t do more research on software for moving companies, I just purchased www.moverworx.net. Oh… my… Sebastian a sales person was so good on his sales speech [that] he mentioned about many great futures… but forgot to mention [the] most important things. [The]Truck Module is unavailable for the $100 a month, you have to pay [an] extra $50 a month (and truck module is most important thing). When you book, you have to see which trucks are available and which crew are available. Oh…. do you want to get support via phone[?] You have to pay extra. Oh… do you want extra user[s] on a system[?] You have to pay extra… sound[s] like [this] company only cares about money and how to get more and more from [their] clients- So I am saying bye bye to Moverworx!!!“.

6 Pitfalls when Opening Multiple Locations

Opening multiple locations comes with a lot of trial and error. The whole goal is to systematize how your moving business is run so you are able to copy/paste your brand, ethic and skills into a new area. However, when it comes time for implementation- many pitfalls can get you caught in a cross fire.

New Generation Driver

The New Generation – Into the Drivers Seat

The New Generation Takes the Driver’s Seat Adventurous, thinking outside the box, willing to take risks and consequences in order to further the agenda – these are some of the many qualities of most youth leaders. And as the youth takes the wheel from their seniors, the Association is seeing, and expecting, huge improvements in […]

5 Ways to Keep Your Back Safe While Moving

As a professional mover, a strong back is your greatest asset, so keeping it safe and injury free should be your main priority. Most people know to lift with their knees and not their back and also to wear a back support; but knowing how you are most likely to hurt your back during the day is the best way to keep your back safe on or off the job. That being said, here are five ways to keep your back safe while working in removals:

moving business risk

Making Moving Business Risks an Advantage

Making Moving Business Risks an Advantage It is a given that when you manage a company, there are risks that are always present. Managing a moving company is no different, as risks and challenges are present as well. However, when faced and handled correctly, it can give you a huge advantage. Here are some moving […]

terms and definitions

Things You Need To Know About Movers – Terms And Definitions

Before you opt for the services of a moving company, it is best that you know the many terms these moving companies use. Here is a list of some of the most common terms used by moving companies: Broker Broker agents, or simply brokers, are the ones that arrange to transport the client’s properties from […]

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