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Moving News Around the Country

Moving News Around the Country

We take a look at moving industry news across America. In California, the California Moving and Storage Association held its 95th Annual Convention in which military affairs were discussed and member of van lines spoke about their benefits. In Minnesota, the legislature passed a new bill that implements a tax on storage and warehousing of personal property.

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Moving Statistics Show Vast Differences in a Short Time

Every year we see significant changes and developments within the moving industry. In fact, the moving industry is one of the largest industry’s in the world, moving over 43 million American’s alone, a year. But, it’s always interesting to note why Americans move, and where they are moving to, and seeing those statistics can help prepare local moving businesses better accommodate their clients.

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Rise in Complaints in the Moving Industry

Recent investigations have shown that moving industry complaints are on the rise. Particularly by customers who are seeking the lowest possible deals to achieve their move, and do not realize that the company they may have chosen is a shady, rogue moving company… who more often than not is not even properly licensed or certified.

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How the Bus and Truck Regulation Affects Your Fleet (Part II of II)

As part of the Bus and Truck Regulation enacted in 2012 in California, moving fleets must meet certain regulations depending of the size and year of their vehicles. In the final part of this series we will be discussing credits and exemptions, as well as additional requirements for the latest change.

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How the Bus and Truck Regulation Affects Your Fleet (Part I of II)

As of December 12th, 2008, the California Air Resources Board passed the bus and truck regulation which would help to reduce what is known as “particulate matter”, or PM, as well as oxides of nitrogen emissions that presently exist in diesel vehicles in California. These regulations cover the trucks and buses and can apply to your moving fleet. In this part of the series, we will cover what kinds of truck and engines fall under the law and when they need to be in compliance.

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Moving Stainless Steel with Ease

Moving stainless steel can be one of the more difficult and tedious tasks in the moving industry. Stainless steel appliances ranks among some of the most damaged products moved. The rise in demand for stainless steel appliances in recent years is making this an even bigger issue for moving companies. Here are some tips that can in turn save you some claims-headaches due to moving stainless steel appliances.

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