Truck Breakdown

Safety Tips for A Highway Vehicle Breakdown

Highway breakdowns can be unsettling and difficult to deal with. It is especially important for truck drivers in the trucking or moving industry to understand the procedures to deal with breakdowns in different situations. For instance, metropolitan freeways can present different problems from rural freeways. Here are some safety tips to help you deal with either situation:

First, in any situation, you should turn on your vehicle’s hazard lights and pull onto the shoulder of the road. Make sure to do this safely and be aware of other drivers who may not be paying attention.

The next step is to make your vehicle more visible. If you can, turn on your vehicle’s dome light and headlights. Your vehicle should always have an emergency kit, as well. Inside should be reflective triangles that you can put behind your vehicle if it can be done safely.

Next, you should get your fleet’s safety and accident policy from the glove box and review it. Before anything else can be done, you need to make sure it is safe to exit the vehicle. The recommendation is to stay in your vehicle unless you are on a residential, rural, or low-traffic road. Wait until a tow truck or law enforcement arrives if you cannot exit the vehicle safely.

If it is safe to do so, you can exit the vehicle to see what might be wrong with the vehicle. You should not try to fix the vehicle even for a small repair. Calling a tow truck or the fleet manager is your best bet, and wait for help to arrive. However, to alert authorities or tow trucks that you need assistance, you can lift the hood and tie something white to the radio antennae or hang it from the window.

The National Safety Council has a few recommendations.  Whatever you do, do not try to solicit help from other vehicles. Avoid standing behind or next to your vehicle because it is hazardous and can result in injury or death. Being patient and waiting for proper assistance is key. Following these tips will keep you safe and get you out of trouble if you ever find yourself in a vehicle breakdown.