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Moving Your Loved Ones (Pets!) Part II of II

In the first part of this two-part series, we discussed some important tips on keeping the stress levels in having to move your pets to a bare minimum, for both you and you special pals. In this final chapter, we will be discussing how allowing a pet-moving company can actually ease your worries even further, and how it may be a better option for you to look in to if you must move your pet(s) great distances.

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Moving Your Loved Ones (Pets!) Part I of II

Let’s face it. Our pets are a huge part of our families, and our lives. Moving them can create a tremendous amount of additional stress, both on us, as well as our beloved furry (and feathered) friends. As all pets require a special amount of special attention and great sensitivity here are some tips to make the trip a little more smooth on all parties concerned.

Valuable Global Moves

The economic crisis has hit just about every market possible. And the moving industry is no exception. From local moves to the global moving market, it’s been hit hard and introduced a whole new debate over price and value. It is obvious that if you lower your prices you will get more business, be it local or global. However, when it comes to the issues the other markets are facing as well, value prevails.

Lessen your Stress of Inventory Tracking

Each day you get so many different products for packaging, storage, moving, the trucks, and everything else your moving company needs. Keeping track of all of the “moving” pieces can be quite stressful and, frankly, impossible. Now, though, there are new mobile-friendly tracking tools to help you take control of the inventory. Imagine how much simpler your business will be by simply having immediate access to accurate inventory information. You will be able to tell exact information to customers and suppliers, and never get behind on any of your necessary products.

10 ways moving companies can use pintrest effectively

Social marketing has been proven to be an effective marketing method. But who could’ve known that pintrest, a picture-taking social media outlet, could help improve your moving business marketing. As well as any other type of social media website, getting people hooked on you instead of your company can strike gold in the social currency realm.

Protect yourself against Bed Bugs and Other Pests

It’s not always obvious when a customer has bed bugs. Sure their house may be filthy and smell bad but that isn’t always enough. Bed bugs feed on their prey, biting them while they sleep, and it is typical that they will come out to look for a meal. However, since bed bugs are nocturnal, it is harder to see them during the day. So what are the signs that they are there?

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