Protect yourself against Bed Bugs and Other Pests

Protect yourself against Bed Bugs and Other Pests

It’s not always obvious when a customer has bed bugs. Sure their house may be filthy and smell bad but that isn’t always enough. Bed bugs feed on their prey, biting them while they sleep, and it is typical that they will come out to look for a meal. However, since bed bugs are nocturnal, it is harder to see them during the day. So what are the signs that they are there?

Bed bugs can weave through carpet, borderline undetected. To look for signs that a house has bed bugs or other pests is to simply look at the customer. Do they have bug bites on their arms or face? Are they itchy? If they have pets, are they itchy?

Bed bugs sometimes leave droppings that you can find on the bed cover. Another sign of bed bugs is blood stains on the sheets or on the bed. The insects breach your skin in order to feed and can cause some minor bleeding.

Fleas are the same type of problem. Although smaller, they are a bit easier to find. Fleas typically lay eggs in carpet, and can be seen by standing still for a few moments and waiting to see if any jump in the air. The same signs of itchiness from its victims will also prove your suspicion.

It is important to know how if these pests exist on a move. If you load an entire how that is invested with fleas or bed bugs, there is a good chance that they will infest your pads, door jambs, or even your runners. This can cause serious problems if you have more than one job that day. Being proactive will stop the spread of these bugs to your other customers, so contact your boss and ask for more information if you have detected or have a strong suspicion of these pests.