Moving Story & Tip: Keep Certain Doors Closed

Moving Story & Tip: Keep Certain Doors Closed

Lessons Learned

  • Always listen to the customers special orders
  • Keep the doors closed that they have closed, unless directly told


It seems like common sense to most, that if a customer asks you not to open a door because their pet is in a room, that you are not to open the door. Sam, the new guy had to learn this the most difficult way possible.

Walking into the customers gorgeous mansion style house, the sweet old lady took the crew room by rooming, telling them what possessions she would like to be moved. She stopped directly beside her bathroom and adamantly requested that none of the movers open the door, or else her kitten would get out.

The day was long and rough and Sam couldn’t hold it any longer. He searched frantically for a bathroom that was not crowded with junk, but to no avail. There was only one option left, to sneak in and out of the closed bathroom with out startling or freeing the cat. Sam cracked the door, and saw nothing. Perhaps this woman thinks she has a kitten, but is senile.

Just as soon as the door was fully opened, a large orange mass came sprawling out, scratching Sam’s leg through his pants. It charged down the stairs, with horrible fits of meowing. This wasn’t a kitten, this was a twenty plus pound house cat. A blood curdling scream came from downstairs, Sam was found out.

The elderly woman chased her cat around the house to the best of her abilities, but was unsuccessful. The cat, full of freedom, found its destination of the great outdoors. Every man on the three man crew began to chase after the animal.

An angry customer, new guy shame and a half hour later, the cat was safely returned to its original home. The lesson learned is to always listen to the customer, no matter how dire the situation is because the customer is always right.