Good Service is the key to success.

By far, the #1 growth factor is how a customer is treated. Far too many movers put an emphasis on moving only. Anyone can move something. Everyone will occasionally damage something. It’s how you treat the customer before, during and after the move that really matters.

Remember, good service is the key. Be different than your competition in the moving industry. Stress service and mean it. The time and effort you put into how to gain a customer should be maintained going forward in keeping them as a happy customer.

The number one advertising source for a business is word of mouth. One happy customer will refer you to their friends and become a marketer for your company. Quality customer service has vanished and those few companies that embrace it are the ones who grow.

Keys to Good Customer Service

  • Be on time, polite, courteous and respectful. This needs to be portrayed in how you dress as well as how you talk and act.
  • Take interest in the customer’s story. Everyone loves to be listened to when they talk try to engage with them, if they want to tell you a story listen.
  • Call them by name as much as possible.
  • Remember some facts about them. For instance if they have a dog on the in-home survey put it on the internal notes for the crew men to comment about the dog “John said you have a cute dog, now I can see what he means!”
  • Consider Flat Rate pricing. see the article Hourly Price vs Flat Rate Price to understand why.
  • Treat them like how you would treat your grandmother.
  • Be honest with them – You make a mistake own up to it and say sorry.
  • Under promise over deliver – do more then you have to few extra boxes not on the quote? “don’t worry we will get those for you”