Starting a Moving Business: Buying a Moving Truck

If you are starting a moving company for the first time, make sure you get the licenses needed to start a moving business. In regards to licensing and such, look at your state’s public utilities commission for what you need to do for local/intrastate moves and visit the Department of Transportation (DOT) web site for licensing requirements for interstate moves.

As a start up or small moving business, stay with trucks under 26,000 GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight). If you go with bigger trucks, you will be much more regulated and so will your drivers.

As you grow your moving business, rentals are vital. Renting trucks is fine and can help you save on overhead. Most rental companies have a rep for accounts. Talk to them, as they will give you the best rates. Expect to pay around $50 per day and 10 cents per mile.

Getting insurance for your moving company is very important. Talk to your insurance company and add rentals to your policy. If your insurer doesn’t insure rentals, then I would suggest looking elsewhere.

Once your moving business is doing OK, consider buying a truck for the moving business. I would suggest buying a truck as early as you can. It is cheaper. You can get a nice moving truck for $12k-15k or $250 a month. The market is saturated with used moving trucks and there are great deals to be had. Spend the $200 and have the truck inspected before you buy.

Make sure you get a large easy to read Logo the truck and keep it clean as far more people will see your truck/billboard everyday on the road than will visit your web page or see a phone book ad. The truck is a marketing tool. Brand it as such.

Beyond the formalities of licensing and trucks, you need to know how to market a moving company. You can be a better mover but if nobody knows that, it really doesn’t matter.