Quick Tip: Hire someone to refuel your trucks

For local moving companies it’s easy to hand out corporate gas cards and tell the guys to refuel the trucks in the morning before their jobs. However we have found better success hiring someone to handle refueling the trucks every night for the next day.

Roles of the Refueler

  1. Note the current odometer reading for the truck and the gas tank gauge prior to refueling.
  2. Drive the trucks to the local gas station and fill up the tank.
  3. Note any potential maintenance issues such as worn breaks, engine lights, etc that the movers may not have reported. Report those to the operations manager via email or phone if severe.
  4. Verify the trucks have their equipment and are ready for the next day.

How This impacts the bottom line

  1. In the mornings the movers tend to take their time at the gas station prior to the move buying food and beverages they should have brought. This saves you the cost of paying for their shopping pleasure.
  2. Having the trucks ready to go reduces the time it take to round up the needed gear and paying for all the crewmen waiting around before the job to ready the trucks.
  3. Identifying potential truck problems early can save a lot of time and headache by being able to be proactive and stay on schedule for the day.
  4. Reduce potential abuse of corporate gas cards used to buy personal items or gas.
  5. Better Checks and Balances on the movers use of trucks and equiptment
  6. Most importantly it helps get the movers out to the customer earlier which makes the customer happier.