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Economic Recovery in the Moving Business

Economic Recovery in the Moving Business

If you are looking at the current figures you will be surprised to see that the job and housing growth is continuing to grow month on month. But there is caution here because this growth in the jobs and the rise in the housing market is becoming more evident in coastal areas rather than in the centralized locations.

5 Most Common Trailer Mistakes

There are some common mistakes that you must learn how to avoid while using a trailer to avoid unnecessary damage to your vehicle, or trailer. Here is a list, and how you can avoid them.

Almost got away with it!

Theft is an extremely common occurence in small moving businesses. However, it is rare when you have theft to this degree at your Moving Company. The following is a true story about an employee, who we will call Scott, and all of the shadey things that he did to a local independent moving company.

10 ways to deal with an angry customer

We have all been in this situation, the customer is so angry that they are practically spiting fire. Most of us have been left clueless as to what to do and some of us have contributed to the fire. Here are 10 ways to deal with a customer who is angry with your moving services.

Lifting Technique Training Videos

The Do’s and Dont’s of lifting heavy objects.

Protect yourself against Bed Bugs and Other Pests

It’s not always obvious when a customer has bed bugs. Sure their house may be filthy and smell bad but that isn’t always enough. Bed bugs feed on their prey, biting them while they sleep, and it is typical that they will come out to look for a meal. However, since bed bugs are nocturnal, it is harder to see them during the day. So what are the signs that they are there?

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