Choosing The Right Self Storage Facility For Your Business

Choosing The Right Self Storage Facility For Your Business

A self storage facility serves as a fine alternate over the conventional business storage houses with the likes of expensive warehouses for business storage solutions. With increase in demand for the self storage facilities, numerous service providers have sprung up in the market. Choosing the right self storage facility might seem as an intricate task for you. Here are some of the vital factors that need to be considered while making a choice of a company. They would help you in setting criteria for making the right selection.

Convenient Location: The facility should be closely located from your office or store so that there is a saving of your time and gas. It should be easily accessible from your place.

Safety and security: Safety and security of your possessions is of utmost importance. The facility should have provisions of a multiple layered security with the use CCTV cameras, automated doors, efficient alarm systems and security guards.

Accessibility: You should be the sole authorizer to access your storage unit and have an authority to approve another person to access the unit on your behalf. The storage unit needs to be accessible to you for 24/7 hours without any extra charges and other hassles.

Price: Do not pick a service provider merely on the basis of the prices being charged. Where a low price might imply compromise on the services, a high price being charged does not guarantee the quality of services. You need to undertake a cost benefit analysis by comparing the costs involved and benefits being offered.

Flexibility: The rental contract should not bind you to serve long notice period before vacating the storage unit. You should have the flexibility to use the unit from few months to several years together. Pay the rent on monthly basis without making any major advance payments at the beginning.

Storage units: The facility should have storage units in diverse sizes so that you have the convenient option of switching between them as per your requirement and suitability. The units should be clean, dry and climate controlled for a secure storage of your possessions.

Competent and friendly staff: The staff members should be specifically trained so that they are competent enough to handle any kind of queries and situations. They must be friendly and co- operative in helping you out with any kind of problems.

Customer friendly building premises: The premises should be airy and clean. There should be proper lighting facility along with appropriate sitting arrangements. Many large players provide business services such as internet connection, fax and copy within the building along with the availability of refreshments.


In view of the above factors, the business self storage services in London are quite cost effective. There are several removal companies which come with storage solutions as well, thereby bringing convenience at your doorstep at the most competitive prices. Select a facility which provides maximum benefits at minimum cost.