Creating Industry Standards

Creating Industry Standards

The idea of having a system of standards that every moving business must comply with, is getting closer. The IAM has worked tirelessly with individuals who will look at the procedures they feel are the most important to the industry.  Once these regulations have agreement by the National Standards Body, part of the International Organization for Standardization, they will come into force.

At this point, the draft for the reviewing of these recommendations is under way, once the finalizing of these standards have approval. It will be possible for the moving industry regulations to improve globally.

The standards will form a guidance as to how companies should proceed with various tasks. The draft is being completed by various people in the moving industry, who have experience in the moving industry.  They are taking their understanding of the standards for looking after the consumers’ needs and acting in a professional manner that are already is place in some companies . However, there is more to the proposal than just the basics. Experts have given their time and recommendations in this process.  These have come from the top of their field in the moving industry, from heads of the International Association of Movers from all over the world.

The proposal looks further into gathering data and sending it to relevant bodies.  They are looking to easily transfer information, such as the contents of packages, in a better method than what is done currently.

This industry standard will pave the way forward in the ability of companies to computerize documentation in a standard form that can transfer wherever you live as the need arises without complications, which currently exists.  This new standard is to bring the moving business closer together, no matter the current location. The idea is one global network and it will take time to finalize the details but it will revolutionize the moving businesses globally.