UniGroup: Helping People And Moving Forward To The Future

unigroup officeUniGroup, one of the leading companies in the moving industry, has held an event helping those who were victims of rogue movers. This event, called “Move Rescue”, was headed by the President of UniGroup himself, Rich McClure.

“We have helped more than 2,000 victims since Move Rescue started”, McClure said. He also said that victims of these rogue movers should come out and let them know as his company can help them by sorting out their problems in moving.

The Move Rescue project not only aims to help those people who were victims of rogue movers, but also help educate them about these rogue movers and how to avoid them. In the latest data, it shows that there are over 1.6 million Americans that hire the services of movers. And in that huge number, about 3,000 people are scammed by rogue movers, effectively holding their items in hostage until they pay around a thousand dollars on top of the initial payment.

The American Moving & Storage Association applauds UniGroup for holding this event. CEO and President of AMSA Linda Bauer Darr is also impressed as UniGroup is the only company in the moving industry that has taken the initiative of helping victims of fraudulent movers.

Today, as UniGroup faces its 65th year in the service, they are planning to improve and expand their services globally. Of course, they also intend to continue to help and provide efficient services to their customers and clients, as well as other people by holding other events and projects. President McClure assures that they will find new and better ways in order to improve and better their services.

UniGroup has no plans of retiring at age 65, as most of us plan to do. UniGroup promises to become a better, more efficient company in the upcoming years.