Why temporary solutions cause needless stress on your employees

Why temporary solutions cause needless stress on your employees

As an owner of a moving business owner, you have had to put out constant fires. By fires, I mean both minor and major issues that needed attention in your company. By putting out these ‘fires’ you have had a helping hand in decreasing  stress, tension, animosity and more between office staff, movers, customers and accounts. When your business is operating at full capacity and movers are coming down the tube faster than you can handle them, it can be easy to put a Band-Aid on something that needs stiches. In fact, is in our nature to simply patch things up and get them to operate at the capacity we need them without giving it a second thought, but this can cause what are called ‘landmine’ moments.

For example. A serious problem with one of your trucks arises. A hole in the top of your truck roof has let water drip through and has rot the wooden floor. Your men bring it to your attention. Your first instinct is to plug the hole so damage does not continue, but you overlook the rotting floor. A potential solution to the issue has been brought to your attention. Spend a few hundred dollars and a few man hours getting the part of the floor redone.

No time to think of that now, the hole is plugged, so you say “keep working”. The men reluctantly continue, until one day, a dresser leg sinks into the wood and when it is moved, the leg snaps and breaks. The customer told you specifically to be incredibly careful with the dresser to begin with, but now it’s damaged. Your tip, mood and move is now ruined because a temporary solution was taken to fix the problem which causes a great deal amount of stress.

It’s is incredibly difficult as an employee to not say the “I told you so” (in fact, it could get them fired), but at the same time a Band-Aid was put onto a cut that needed stiches and it was obvious at the time. Granted, this is simply a story, painting a vivid picture as an example of what happens out on the field and who it affects.

As an owner, it can sometimes be difficult to deal with certain employees, some complain about everything and make mountains out of molehills, others don’t take things seriously enough. From a business owner stand point, listen to those that you can trust with the move details, seek advisement from those who aren’t credible sources, but always be pro-active with issues. The last thing that you need right now is an employee to quit because they feel their voice is not heard, or for more stress to be caused as a round-a-bout.