Asking for Introductions to New Customers

Asking for Introductions to New Customers

It is difficult in this modern world to move forward in business unless you change your sales team’s tactics. There is pressure from other businesses, and to succeed you must make sure your business stands out from the rest.

This is even more important if you are in a fast-paced business such as a moving company, where you don’t very often get second chances to impress a potential customer. Getting it right the first time is the key to securing business, but learning how to do this is changing, as the world grows and develops along with the technology.

However, there is an old-fashioned term that is making a comeback. Businesses are asking for introductions from their customers to meet new potential business prospects.

It is not about your sales team asking customers to pass on recommendations but to actually introduce them to other people they know.   Whether it is a company or new customers, getting those introductions could mean an increase in potential sales.

Introductions have now changed too.  You have the option of having telephone conferences, to an introduction on social media. What is important is to ask for more than ‘tell them I sent you.’  This can make the situation awkward and not push the potential of a new lead.

By teaching your sales teams to ask for help in finding new customers they might just open up a potential new way to generate some great selling leads.

It is important that you look at how your sales department is trying to get more business for your moving company.  They might have moved forward with the technology to a point where they forget the most important tool at their disposal, their current clients.

Therefore, if your sales team is struggling to meet targets and convert new customers, then it might be time to look at the procedures they are using.  Try asking for introductions and see how many leads you can generate this way, you might be surprised.