Why You Should Consider Preventative Vehicle Maintenance on Your Moving Trucks

Why You Should Consider Preventative Vehicle Maintenance on Your Moving Trucks

As a moving business, your operation runs on the condition of your vehicles and moving trucks.  It is imperative for moving companies to enact a preventative maintenance plan, PMP, so that it can save the company money in the long-term.

It is important that the driver of the vehicle is on board with ensuring the moving trucks are maintained in accordance with company policy.  They are the best people to note and record any potential problems which will need to be addressed.

The vehicle maintenance logs, repairs, and any roadside violations need to be compared to confirm that there is adequate resources to ensure that the truck is working. If there is a pattern of potential problems, then it need to be brought to the attention of managers in case an adjustment to the planned maintenance schedule is required.

The use of a preventative maintenance program can save a business time and money. Nothing costs a company more than a useless vehicle that breaks down due to not being regularly serviced. This can affect schedules and lose business.  Planned maintenance, on the other hand, can be scheduled in when there are less work commitments and will allow time for the vehicle to conform to all legal requirements.

Analyzing the results on a regular basis is important. Check that you have reduced the amount of time that a vehicle is off the road due to break downs and look at the costs involved.  Have you seen a reduction in maintenance costs? Has this improved your CSA Vehicle Maintenance score? Only when you compare this data can you see improvements in the performance of your moving trucks and vehicles.

If you are looking to improve your business model, consider ensuring that your vehicles are well maintained to ensure road safety and to potentially reduce repair and violation costs.  This will save money and time in the long-run.