The Best Moving Software for Independent Movers

Here at Moving Business Network we took it upon ourselves to find out what is the best software for independent movers. This is a question that has been frequently asked of us by our readers. When you survey the software market you will find that a large majority of moving software is geared towards the Van Lines, or is nothing more then a quoting tool. Many Van Lines even dictate which software you use to run your business.

So we decided to open up the question to our followers on twitter, facebook, and newsletter subscribers. We asked them what software they were using, and how they would rate it along with any pluses or minuses. Hands down we got the most positive reviews from the companies using MovePoint Software. Here are some reviews we left them anonymous at their request…

“I own a local moving company in Texas, my organizational skills have never been the best. As an owner, I’ve got my hands dirty by wearing every hat imaginable for my company. As hectic as everything was I realized that I needed a change. I started doing some hunting around for some type of organized moving software. I went to the first software that popped up and signed with Moverworx. I was very unsatisfied with their customer service and interface was too hard to use. A friend of mine suggested I check out a software called MovePoint. The demo almost sold me immediately, as there interface was much more simple and user friendly. Also I could tell that this software was gonna help improve my business with all the knowledge they built into it. Their tech support staff has also been great at answering my questions about the industry and marketing unrelated to their software. I finally broke the million dollar a year mark and my company is seeming a lot easier to run. In my opinion MovePoint deserves 5/5 stars and worth looking into.”–MBN Reader A

“We upgraded our computers in 2010 due to the fact that our computers started acting up during a very busy month. (Which always seems to be the case.) We got a virus or some type of malware that cause have on our computers they were slow and sometimes our network was unresponsive

This went on for longer than we wanted and we ending losing lots of our customer database and files and we had to rebuild it again. We didn’t lose any moves because we had some info on paper and. The support guys did a great job helping us get it everything back up but we did have to upgrade again! not to mention all of my hours wrapped up in this project. I would rather run my company that play “computer guy”. All in all after spending the money to get the computer to where it was prior, We finally got Mr Mover running and it is doing fine for us. We have installed a different anti-virus and firewall. We may be looking at different solutions as we grow because I DON’T want for us to go through this again”

– MBN Reader B


Our personal experience with the software market and our latest local moving ventures brought our own company to using MovePoint Software. The key things we liked was the simplicity of the interface and the fact that it covered every aspect of our business. So we could stop doing the double entry that were use to do in our past moving companies. That’s why we weren’t surprised that MovePoint was voted the best software for independent movers by our followers. We highly recommend you check out their software and see for yourself if you agree.

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