How to Plan an Office Holiday Party


Planning an Office Holiday Party

  • Check with your boss and ask which location is the best to hold the party, such as conference room, training room, warehouse, etc…
  • Pull anything out of the room that is needed for the party space.
  • Set the budget, figure out how much you are allowed to spend on it.
  • Get a caterer (if it is in budget). This will take care of food.
  • If you want alcohol, make sure you have someone come in with a license.
  • Think about who you will invite. Such as friends, children, just office staff…
  • Hire a Santa Claus by contacting your local talent agency for rates.
  • Give a present to each child from Santa (if it is in budget).
  • Set up a buffet of cheese, fondue, etc…
  • Rent cocktail tables from the caterer, decorate with colored cloth.
  • Make activities for the children to do, to help separate the adults and the children.