Caught on film! Workers Compensation Fraud


Workers Compensation fraud is more common than one may think. As a moving company representative, worker, or owner, there are preventative measures that you can take to track a suspected employee. Workers Compensation pay out can be expensive, but is valuable to those who actually need it. Be cautious, and look out for fraud, such as the person in this video.

Video Text: The employer had suspicions that this man’s back injury was not as debilitating as he said it was in his workers’ compensation claim. They hired CIC to conduct surveillance and we immediately found that he was not home during the morning hours. We then scheduled an early-morning surveillance and discovered that he was working for another company as a furniture deliveryman. Oddly enough, he claimed that his back injury was so severe that he couldn’t even ride in a dump truck. He was obviously being dishonest. Many times, with this type of case, we will pass on our evidence on to the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation so they can use it to file fraud charges against the individual.