The AMSA Meeting Has Positive Results

The AMSA Meeting Has Positive Results

AMSA held a meeting  in Washignton D.C. to discuss the important issues which affects all aspects of the removal business. What is exciting, is the positive move forward that this will have on the business as a whole.

The training implications

Many moving companies expressed their concerns over the problems they are faced with when it comes to the training and retention of staff. This is not a problem that can affect many industries, but with the need to have qualified drivers for the business, this enables the secure transport of the client’s property.

There is going to be help from the AMSA, to understand the problems that many moving businesses face, when trying to locate qualified individuals to work. Training is often too expensive for companies to pay. This becomes a problem for those who have paid for training and the employee then leaves.

The RAMP is looking into policy guidelines which will help the implementation of a program, which will aim to look at the retention of drivers and the way forward in the removal moving business.

Other training options

There have been improvements to the claim procedures that need to be followed and this will make the job easier for all involved. There is the possibility for the need to move towards the inclusion of staff to undergo a background check; this is to ensure that those workers that are entering a client’s home have been security checked. This would be to ensure the safety of the work force as well as the property and welfare of the client.

There is a possibility of the need of an increase of the number of events that are held throughout the year. This will improve the quality of the program and to ensure that there is adequate support for members of this growing community of like-minded businesses.