Fraud and the FMCSA

Fraud and the FMCSA

It is important to the FMCSA that protecting for consumers against fraud. Fraud in the moving business effects many people and the FMCSA is looking into ways to protect consumers from potential fraudsters.

It is important to the organization that the consumers receive the best possible service and this includes an organization that is professionally staffed with trained commercial enforcement specialist. This is now sitting at nine members that are able to deal with the growing fraudulent activity that is taking place in the moving industry.

The laws and the regulations are there to protect the individuals and the consumers but also to prevent companies from operating in an illegal manner. These companies affect the legitimate companies, they damage the industry as well as the risk they pose to consumers, from belongings held hostage for higher payments, not to mention the risk to other drivers if they are under-insured and use the roads to transport goods on unsafe vehicles.

The need for better protection for the consumer, including the rise in the amount of websites that are appearing drawing in customers with the promise of a service only to scam the consumer out of their money. These hurt the moving industry’s legitimacy.

The FMCSA is looking into encouraging the different states to adopt the regulations to protect the consumers and businesses in the state. The FMCSA have even offer training for federal and state law enforcement, the length of the course is just one day. This course will give you the information to deal with fraud in the moving business, bringing together the information needed to ensure that those fraudulent movers whether they are targeting consumers on or off-line they will face prosecution.

The FMCSA takes fraud in the moving business seriously and they constantly identify areas that need better protection for consumers and legitimate business.