Law Changes In Kentucky

Law Changes In Kentucky

Progress is positive for the new moving companies that wish to start a new business in Kentucky. Since 1950’s the state has required that any moving business must obtain a license, giving them the right to carry household goods throughout the county.

What has caused problems is other companies that object and prevent new companies starting up. This has meant that since 2007, there have been no new licenses issued because of the challenges that have occurred and consequently no new business licenses issued.

However, there have been incidents where these licenses are been legally sold for values starting from $25,000. This is not something that new businesses can afford and prevents healthy competition, which can reduce prices and improve the service for the consumers looking for the services of a moving business.

What this means for new companies that can prove the need for their business, will no longer be threatened by existing companies, who have in the past, prevented new businesses from opening and operating in the moving industry in Kentucky.

This change in the law, fought in the courts by Raleigh Bruner and his company Wildcat Moving, in a bid to remove the existing companies’ ability to disallow new companies moving to the area and applying for a license to move household goods throughout the state. The Judge, Danny Reeves, agreed this law was not meeting the needs of all the people of the state, as the requirement in the 14th Amendment requires.

This change in the law means that for those companies, who are able to prove that there are the business opportunities in the state of Kentucky in the moving business, is adequate proof for providing the license required. These companies in future will be able to apply for a license knowing that a fairer system is now in place.