Leave an impression with an eBook

Leave an impression with an eBook

Have you ever heard of soft selling? Without giving you the technical jargon that is the definition, soft selling is an approach toward marketing without sticking it in the potential customers face; an eBook is a perfect example of this (if it’s done right). An eBook can also gain your company social currency. Social currency is an incredibly useful invisible resource. It can be gained through providing value and not asking anything back (this is difficult to do, but if you ever need a favor, or want to soft-sell, this is iatrical).

Side Note: Never, ever, ever tell someone that you need to cash out the favor because of what you did for him or her. Think as if the social currency is a cockroach and you just turn the lights on, as soon as that happens, it’s gone.

The effect that both of these elements combined can have will create an incredibly effective marketing approach.

Lets say a potential customer calls in and says their estimated move date is in 2 weeks, so to get the sale you call them every day. Finally one day, they answer, but they say ‘sorry I decided to go with ‘So-and-So Moving Company’. You gracefully bow out, but make one final attempt at the sale. You send them an eBook.

Lets say this eBook provides tons of tips that help them save money on their move and how to make sure they find the right moving company, all the while your logo sits happily at the bottom right of every page. After reading it, they say “Hey this company really knows their stuff’ and they call 3 days before their estimated move day and book. This is simple as that. Although this is just a scenario, you can see from it how it can be incredibly valuable to provide social currency and soft sell to potential customers.

Levi Crotinger from MovePoint