Microsoft Surface Tablet

How Microsoft Pro Surface Tablet Can Help Your Business

In today’s fast-paced society, we are literally hardwired to get things done faster, with more ease, and getting some help by taking advantage of some of the latest technological advances that seem to hit the market on a daily basis. Interestingly, it seems as if the moving industry is eager to get a jump on things in that aspect as well.

With the recent release of the Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet, more and more moving companies are attempting to get their hands on this handy little device as a means to serve their company faster, more efficiently, with far greater ease and better connectivity.

Some of the incredible features are:


  • Portability: Measuring only 10” across, and weighing less than 10lbs. the device itself would be an excellent addition for drivers, movers, and even sales representatives. It even is capable of standing via a kickstand, which in turn allows for hands-free mobility, as well as has a detachable keyboard which magnetically attaches with ease.
  • Universal Connectivity: You can connect to any device by way of WiFi, Bluetooth, USB, Micro SD, audio jack, and even HD video output, regardless of where you find yourself, you can be sure to find a connection with the tablet.
  • Performance: The performance of the device is unmatched. Providing both speed and precision, with an Intel Core i5 Processor and 4GB RAM, as well as 300fps (frames per second), the tablet received a PC mark of 4,818 in recent benchmarks, one of the highest scores offered.
  • Software: One of the finest features of the Surface, is its ability to run so much software at one time free of any issues. It is compatible with Windows 7, and is able to store thousands of apps, as well as business solutions such as the full version of Office Suite.
  • Pricing: $799, this is a bargain, plain and simple for all that you are gaining in regards to the unlimited features of the Surface.


It is seemingly very clear the the Microsoft Surface Pro, will make an excellent addition to your moving company’s tools of the trade. The features are not only remarkable, as well as handy… they are simply unmatched as present in our market.