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Moving Your Loved Ones (Pets!) Part I of II

Let’s face it. Our pets are a huge part of our families, and our lives. Moving them can create a tremendous amount of additional stress, both on us, as well as our beloved furry (and feathered) friends. As all pets require a special amount of special attention and great sensitivity here are some tips to make the trip a little more smooth on all parties concerned.

First and foremost, you need to specify which mode of transportation you will be using to travel with your loved ones. Many forms of transportation, for instance buses and trains, do not allow pets to travel with you. If you plan on traveling by plane, be sure to find a comfortable pet carrier that is large enough to ensure mobility comfortably for your pet. Always be sure to check airline regulations as some do not accept specific more exotic animals. If possible, try and book a direct flight, this ensures the stress of having your pet removed from one plane and transferred to another one (or multiple).

Traveling by car is, generally speaking, the more preferred mode of transportation for pet-lovers, given that travel-time or distance is not necessary too long of a drive. If you plan on traveling by vehicle with pets, be sure to have all supplies readily available, as well as incorporating stopping time for your pet to stretch its legs as well as take a bathroom break. Some items you may want to bring along are: ample supply of food and water (and snacks!), dishes, collar and leash, any medications, towels or newspaper, and a well-loved toy or blanket.

Be sure that you have all of your pets records in order, as well. Some of these records include proper identification (as well as a collar), health certificates, and any permits. Remember, if possible try and keep your pet’s routine as normal as possible, to prevent stress for everyone!

Tune in to Part II of our “Traveling with Pets” series, to find out more information about hiring a pet-moving company to move your pets long-distances if that is something you may find yourself to be in need of.