How to Help your Customers Move with a Pet

How to Help your Customers Move with a Pet

Pets are like people to most families.  They are precious to them and want them to be taken care of during a move. The wellbeing of their pet will likely be one of their biggest concerns about moving.  Luckily, you can become quite the expert on relieving their worries by sharing these helpful tips on how to move with a pet.

Visit the veterinarian.  If a pet needs vaccines or a refill on medication, tell them to try to get those things done before the move since they will likely not know a veterinarian in their new town.

Along those same lines, they should get a pet health certificate right before departure because they are only good for 10 days.  If this is an international move, there may be even more documents required.  Tell your customer to make sure they know exactly the regulations needed for pet to move.

Just like people, pets can be affected by the weather.  Sometimes, even airlines won’t transport pets in the summer months because of such hot temperatures.  Furthermore, if your customer’s pet is scared of storms or something similar, it is necessary to look ahead at weather conditions in order to avoid last-minute delays or cancellations.

Pets need to be in a crate to travel, whether it is in a car or a plane. Tell your customer to try to prepare their pet for the long time in the crate as much as possible.  That way, their pet will feel safe and comfortable during the move.

Lastly, if you have a customer that is really concerned about their pet and doesn’t think they can handle the move, tell them to consider hiring a professional pet shipper.  That way, all arrangements for flights, a pet taxi, and a tracking of the pet are provided.  If this is the option your customer wants to take, reference them to

Preparing for a move is hard enough, let alone if your customer has a pet.  Make sure you debrief them on all of these necessary precautions before the move in order to avoid unnecessary problems along the way.  Both the pet and your customer will appreciate it.