3 Ways to Gain Customers Trust

3 Ways to Gain Customers Trust

Alright, first I want you to close your eyes and think of a brand that you love. This brand has to have your complete trust, which means you would give them any amount of personal information, recommend them to your family and friends and would chose them over a similar brand, even if the price was far less.

Now, open your eyes. Whatever it may be, model your customer service around theirs. These three things that you should model it after are-

  1. You have the customer interests in mind.
  2. If you make a promise, you go through with it.
  3. You are always honest and authentic.

If you are serious about earning loyal customers who trust and love you, try these 3 techniques-

  1. Focus on doing the best job possible – Most companies worry too much about whether they are or aren’t trust worthy. Rather than worrying, spend your energy on coming through on your promises. If you are actually telling people the classic “trust me”, then you’re doing something very wrong.
  2. Acknowledge when you make a mistake – It’s a lot like a dog trying to bury its own feces; our first instinct is to cover up our mistakes. This can actually have a negative effect on customers. Instead, be as direct and open as you possibly can. Tell the customer what you are doing to correct the mistake and you’ll be golden.
  3. Be vigilant all the time – Building customers trust isn’t just a one-time deal, you will need to prove yourself every single time you speak with them or see them. If you are vigilant during any and every moment of interaction, this will build arc the trust significantly.

Take these 3 messages to heart and implement these on every scale of your moving company, from your movers to your sales reps and from your operations to the SEO.