Personal Moving Business Challenges

Personal Moving Business Challenges

Times have changed and this is true of many people who have worked in the moving business. There is no need to have boxes of paperwork for each client that comes through the door, and the sales teams and the accounts departments no longer need to have shares in the paper industry to reduce the cost of the company’s stationery requirements.

If you look at the future and the progress, in the ability to move families, including military families across the world. It doesn’t replace the experience that many people have worked through, where the vast amounts of paper work and the logistics of moving, using a map and a pen, instead of a satellite and a navigation program.

The hard work is still the same, but with restrictions on hours worked, it does take its toll. No longer is the 18 hour day acceptable and yet you will find plenty of people who have spent many working hours in the moving business, that have worked late into the night and weekends, too, making sure that not only were families moved according to the schedule but also completing the paperwork and the invoicing.

With this change in the working environment comes a new a leaner way of working. Even moving large numbers of military families each year was once a mountain of paperwork; with new technology comes the ability to produce the required paperwork without printing a sheet, even payments processes are quick and paper free.

Whichever way you look at the future of the moving business, it is important to remember where it has come from. The technology and the current capabilities of this industry have allowed the whole process to completely change, the only recognizable similarities are the families that are still moving homes.