Going Green In The Moving Business

Going Green In The Moving Business

The pollution created everyday around the world by vehicles and industry is staggering. However, what is important is every little tweak you make at reducing your own pollution, in life and business, can have an impact on reducing emissions. As well, it can lower the costs to business and the world in the future, by reducing clean-up of the harmful gasses and chemicals released on a daily basis.

Since 2012 the PDS, Pasha Distribution Services has collaborated a partnership with the SmartWay Transport Partnership with the aim to bring together different aspects of the moving business and find solutions that work in reducing costs to the business.  At the same time, they are pushing healthier, greener options.

What is surprising is the reduction in costs to business with certain key policies that have had an impact on the business, while at the same time saving the planet from further damage. The main action taken is the policy to remove the ability for any form of idling while the vehicle is loading or waiting for goods or transport.

The partnership is between the US Environmental Protection Agency, EPA, Environmental groups, the American Trucking Association and Business for Social Responsibility.  They all look to work together to reduce the rising costs facing businesses because of the current economic climate and the damage done to the earth.

The overall aim is to find solutions to the costs to businesses but in a manner that can protect the planet too. Many people want this working relationship between businesses and the environment at the top of the agenda, so they are working together to protect our lifestyle in the future.

Going green isn’t about spending more money in any environment, but looking at ways which businesses can reduce the emissions they produce, with the ultimate goal of saving money.

Therefore if you are looking for business opportunities where you can save money, the SmartWay Transport Partnership might be able to support you along the way.