The Future of Solar Powered Trucks

The Future of Solar Powered Trucks

The moving industry as a whole is looking for ways in which costs can be cut or lowered, giving the companies savings which are great for the future of many moving businesses. There are many initiatives that have looked at reducing the costs of running the buildings and warehouses.  These developments are saving businesses money each month.

But, can you imagine the technology has improved to a point where it is possible to enable truck and fleet owners to install solar panels to the roofs of trucks? It has reached the point where you no longer need the driver to leave the truck idling and using fuel and creating pollution whilst the driver sleeps.

The systems that have been developed, and are still being improved, allow the driver to switch off the engine and use some of the stored power from the solar panels to run the systems in the cab of the lorry.

The companies that have already been testing out the system are seeing substantial savings of $8000 per year. This is more than just pocket change; it is an option that many moving companies should be considering in the future.

Saving energy and using energy that doesn’t harm the environment is part of the green movement that many companies are looking to adopt, not just to benefit the business but the environment too. Cutting costs and showing that you support the planet in which we live is vital in the success of the companies in the moving sector.

As the prices of these systems drop, this will allow more and more companies to come on board. It won’t just be the removal business fleets that will benefit from this technology but all haulage companies, large and small, around the world. Saving money and investing in the future of the world, for generations to come.