Minimum Standards for Driving Training

Minimum Standards for Driving Training

It is important that every truck driver is qualified to a certain level before they should be allowed to drive on the public highways. With more and more items transported across America, it is even more important that these basic skills are required by law to prevent unqualified, or poorly qualified, truck drivers from taking to the roads.

Therefore, the FMCSA is looking into updating the minimum standards in relation to truck and bus driving with the aim to improve the profession. One of the first steps they have taken is to form a committee of 26 individuals who are associated with the area.  They will look at updating the current system including any classroom based lessons and behind-the-wheel training.

The idea is to improve the quality of the drivers applying for licenses to drive trucks across America. If these individuals are highly trained, accidents could be reduced, making the roads safer.

Safety has to be the number one priority in ensuring truck drivers are fully aware of their obligations to the law and how they should use a vehicle. Only when they are fully competent should they be given their license.

The committee will look at all the issues and create a proposal by the end of the year with a final ruling expected as early as 2016.

This committee has been brought about because of the MAP-21 transportation bill, which included a proposal the FMCSA had put together.  The proposal suggested a new minimum standard of training for people wanting an interstate commercial driving license.

What this will mean to moving companies and other businesses that rely on truck drivers to move their clients’ goods from one location to another, is possible new training.  They may have to ensure driver meet the new minimum standard.

In recent years, it has been difficult to attract new drivers, but improved training can potentially open the doors to more qualified drivers, which is what the industry is urgently needs.

The formation of the committee is great news for the industry as a whole.