Digital Driving Logs

Change and development in the technology that is usable and acceptable legally for vehicles in the moving business is encouraging. While the need to allow technology to replace some printed forms was acceptable, they still need businesses to ensure printing of certain documents happen on a daily basis.

This is changing; with the FMCSA’s approval, certain documentation can be stored electronically and signed in this manner too. This is a breakthrough in the moving business, it will mean less paperwork and less expense for the business.

It is important to understand as a driver of fleet vehicles and a business owner which records you are able to sign electronically and which ones still need to be paper.

The change in the rules are referring to the digital logs that are often stored on some form of media device, either on a smart phone or on tablet, which the driver is able to use while traveling.  As long as the software allows for signature electronically, this is fine.

These logs don’t need to be printed or keeping a print out of the last 7 days with signatures. This means there is less to do for the driver. However, it is important that this ruling isn’t confused with the records of duty status, RODS.  The driver must have these printed and signed for each 24 hour period. It is possible to use an electronic device to create these or on paper, the choice is yours but paper signed copies are legally required.

This is a giant step forward for the truck drivers.  It means they are able to have less paperwork cluttering up their vehicles with the potential to get lost by storing at least some information and signature requirements electronically. Saving the company money and expense long-term.

Therefore, the FMCSA is looking to allow the truck drivers the ability to use the technology to store the required information, making their job easier long-term.