4 steps to bettering your moving companies brainstorming

4 steps to bettering your moving companies brainstorming

Most business executives or owners think that if they gather their A-Team and all sit down at a table, that problem solving and brainstorming will flow naturally. There is a huge flaw in this idea, because for the most part other members of your team will influence each other’s suggestions. When an idea has been suggested and is not your own, it can put a limit on ideas you may have considered. Try instead this step-by-step process that will help you better your moving companies brainstorming.

1. Think for yourself – Ask each person in the group to come up with their own ideas before you hold the brainstorming meeting. If you work alone, you will have more of a broad range of ideas that you can bring to the table.

2. Share ideas – Ask your employees to submit their best ideas to you, in writing, email, etc… Take all the ideas and put them into one long document and forward them to your team. Everyone in your group will be exposed to the new ideas with out any discomfort of bias.

3. Take Notes – Before the meeting, ask your team to take notes on their co-workers ideas. Make sure that they look for the advantages in the ideas, not just the disadvantages. Avoid giving your team the opportunity to be too critical, as this can throw any idea that looks new to the wayside.

4. Group Discussion – Bring them to the table. Ask each person to promote the idea(s) that they feel are the best, then have the pros and cons talk. Because each member of the team had the opportunity to discern the ideas in private, it will be a fruitful and more enjoyable discussion. When your group comes up with a compromise or settles on an idea or issue, the group will be more likely to agree with the outcome because they feel that they were a part of the solution.