Are Your Customers Paying For Your Marketing Mistakes?

Are Your Customers Paying For Your Marketing Mistakes?

Even though your digital communications are available for free, most small businesses make the mistake of taking their digital presence for granted. You would eventually start paying for these mistakes as your customers get old or irrelevant information.

If you had created a Moving Business Guide page on MySpace or provided your contact information on a search engine directory and never updated it, you would certainly not be fined for it. However, it is going to make you pay in the long-term through your customers, as it means wastage of time and efforts on their end.

When your customers are searching for information about your business and come across incomplete social media profiles, outdated contact details and web pages carrying spam, they are unable to accomplish their objectives. In other terms, this would be like making your customers to pay for your own digital marketing mistakes, whether don’t consciously or unconsciously, and eventually your business would have to bear the losses.

Surprisingly, it is easy to fix most of the digital marketing mistakes and doesn’t require any sophisticated knowledge. You should take steps to consolidate your digital presence. You could have multiple Facebook pages, Twitter accounts and Instagrams. Make sure to merge your accounts into one for each platform. There should be one account on each platform where you can engage with your fans and followers so that it would become easier to direct them wherever you want them to.

If you perform an inventory of your digital marketing presence, you are likely to come across profiles that were created but never used. you should either start using those profiles or delete them so that your customers don’t waste their time and effort.

If you have created an online presence offering Moving Business Tips and Advice and it has overrun with spam, find out the traffic it is generating for your site. If it is offering good amount of traffic, you should clean it up and change the username and password. However, if it is not generating any traffic, you should delete the profile.